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Brandy Rayanna Norwood was born Februrary 11, 1979 in McComb, Mississippi. Brandy and her family later relocated to sunny California. Brandy grew up singing in church and she landed one of her first TV gigs playing the daughter of Thea on her self-titled show. That show didn't last long on the air and was soon cancelled. Brandy took steps to achieve her music dream. Marcus Aurelius shopped Brandy around to record labels and she found a home at Atlantic records. 

Brandy's debut album, Brandy was released in 1994 and sold 1.3 million copies. It peaked at #6 on the Billboard charts and spawned the hits, "I Wanna Be Down", "Baby", "Brokenhearted", and "Best Friend". Brandy's fresh face and moving music caused a huge splash on the scene. Not long after she was asked to do a song for the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack. Her contribution to that soundtrack "Sittin Up In My Room", became another smash for Brandy. In the early stages of her career Brandy was very much under the thumb of her mother and her handlers. With good reason, she was only 15 years old when she first came out! Her debut album is a wonderful slice of the life of a young, innocent and fun loving teenage girl.


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In between her debut and her sophomore album, Brandy landed the lead role in a sitcom, Moesha. This show was very successful and showed to America and the world, the face and life of the young black teenage female. Many young women found identification and solace in Brandy's portrayl of the intelligent, witty, and fashionable Moesha. She was not a white barbie doll that young black girls could not look up to, she was just like them. In 1998, her sophomore album Never Say Never was released to much fanfare. It was four times platinum and the duet with her fellow teen singer Monica, goes down as the most successful female duet ever. "The Boy Is Mine" spent an amazing 13 weeks at the number one position on the Hot 100 Billboard charts. With Never Say Never Brandy found producer Rodney Jerkins, aka Darkchild. Rodney and Brandy helped change R&B music with their odd mix of quirky beats mixed with strings. Brandy matured and grew much from her debut, and it showed. With songs like "Tomorrow", "Almost Doesn't Count", and "Have You Ever" Brandy was showing that she wasn't that same little 15 year old girl singing "I Wanna Be Down". She was a young woman, and she was living her life

At this time Brandy also made her debut in movies. The cult horror hit I Still Know What You Did Last Summer featured Brandy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Mekhi Phiffer. The film did well and helped to establish Brandy further as a multimedia superstar. Fans got to see a side of Brandy they never saw before. In the film Brandy was much more promiscious, used some curse words, and wasn't afraid to punch and kick. Unfortunately during this time, while Brandy was smiling, she was inside suffering. A verabally and emotionally abusive boyfriend was ruining Brandy and pushed her to a eating disorder. Her career was eclipsing her personal life and the stress of it all was wearing Brandy down. For five long years Brandy fans looked on and waited patiently for Brandy to return to the music scene.

In 2002 Brandy Norwood came back. And she came back a lot different. The stuttering herky-jerky debut single "What About Us" produced by Rodney was a top ten smash. It was different, innovative, and it sounded like nothing else on radio. Brandy married producer Robert Smith and was also pregnant with her first child! It was an exciting time and Brandy's third album Full Moon didn't disappoint. This was the album of a mature and sophisticated woman. No longer overburdened by her career, boyfriend, eating disorder, TV show, or mother, Brandy was at a wondeful place. Fans gobbled up the album as it debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts and has gone on to sell 1.5 million in the US. On June 16, Brandy had her babygirl Sy'rai! The entire pregnancy was captured on MTV's show Special Delivery, fans got to glimpse as Brandy went through the ups & downs of the entire process. At the 2002 VMAs Brandy made her first post baby appearance and she knocked em dead!

With a gold sparkling dress and much cleaveage, Brandy showed up to the VMAs to introduce Justin Timberlake's debut performance. On the horizon for 2003 fans are looking forward to a new album with production from Robert Smith and Timbaland. Brandy still has a lot to show us and the world. 

-Written by Ricky Ribeiro 
Bio From: House of Brandy

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